The DNA base pair is currently joining the atom, the bit and the joule in the pantheon of elementary units from which new things are made. But DNA is not like the others. Everything we eat, everyone we love, sickness and health, the entire living world is written in DNA. Few today understand, but many fear, this new power that is quickly maturing. To this end, we are developing an easy to use, economic and robust method to allow anyone anywhere to detect a DNA sequence of interest. We have created a 5 minute DNA extraction protocol that only needs water. This is coupled to novel isothermal DNA amplification techniques, detected through fluorescence, utilizing ultra affordable LEDs and plastic gel filters. The first use case is detection of GMO’s in  food. The quick experiment allows anybody to actually see with their eyes if a gene is present.  Be it in a school, biohackerspace or a kitchen, you are encouraged to upload, share and discuss your results with others across the world. Empowering and educating citizens, while allowing new information to be gathered and shared on a global scale.

Kit Overview

A project by Guy Aidelberg

Guy grew up in the Bay area and Tel-Aviv. A lifelong traveler learner and explorer. After completing a triple major bachelor’s degree in Physics, General Humanities (clusters in psychology, philosophy and social justice) and Biology at Tel-Aviv University, He went on to do an interdisciplinary Quantitative and Systems Biology master’s degree at the Weizmann Institute of Science “Hierarchy of non-glucose sugars in Escherichia coli” Under Professor Uri Alon.

Next was trying to open the first biology accelerator/bio-hackerspace in Israel, to allow impactful Biological research, development and learning to be done not in an academic or corporate setting – Bio-TLV. This led him to his current project/PhD, Developing an open, affordable, reliable, easy to use, rapid, and robust kit for DNA detection by non-scientists. At the center for research and interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris under the supervision of the co-founder Dr. Ariel Lindner 

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